Form W-9 Filing Instructions

Form W-9 is used by a third-party taxpayer to present information return with the IRS. The personal information and address of the taxpayer must be filled on the Form W-9. Because of the lots of paperwork and a time-taking process, taxpayers don’t really want to make any mistakes while filling out Form W-9. Our article includes every step required to fill out a Form W-9.

Steps for Completing Form F-9

Form W-9 Filling Parts

Part 1

  • Line 1: You need to write the exact name you’ve given the IRS on Form W-9 as the tax payer’s name. Even a small mistake may trouble you with the filing process.
  • Line 2: This is where you should write your applicable business name.
  • Line 3: In this line, you are expected to put a tick or cross into the box that perfectly describes your business. The exemptions part is not required to be filled out if you’re an individual taxpayer.
  • Line 4: Write your full address on this part. From number to street, from apartment to suit no, you are expected to fill out every piece of information related to your residence is required.
  • Line 5: This is where you should present your cit, state, and ZIP code. Requester’s name and address part are optional.
  • Line 6: If you have multiple account numbers, you need to list them all in this section ( optional )

Part 2

The last and the most important part of W-9 filing is social security number and employer identification number sections. This is the last place you are expected to fill out in the form and leaving one or more box empty or any mistakes that make your numbers become unreadable may be seen as invalid application.

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