Free Fillable and Printable W-9 Forms

Those who are just beginning to work as a freelancer or as a private contractor must know that whenever a company or individual requests for your Taxpayer Identification Number so that they can properly prepare their 1099 Form, you must oblige and complete the form.

Not doing it so will bring penalties from the IRS and you may be subjected to backup withholdings which means the payor will take 28% of your earnings and forward it to the IRS. In addition to this, you will also receive a $50 penalty for each instance you fail to submit Form W-9 upon the payor’s request.

Where can I get fillable W-9 Forms?

The blank copy of the Form W-9 can be acquired from the IRS website without any extra effort. However, from there on, you must print and fill it out by hand but if you need to submit it electronically, you can use any PDF Editor to complete the form.

Since there are no unique parts of the form and it only needs a few of your basic information, any PDF Editor with the capability of texting on top of it is enough. You can get the fillable, blank copy of the IRS Tax Form Taxpayer Identification Verification and Certification by visiting the article below.

Also, you can visit the front page from the same link to read the selection of articles where we guide you through the completion of the tax form W-9.

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