W-9 Forms 2020 Printable Free

Whether you’re a vendor that needs the W-9 form to provide your Taxpayer Identification Number to a business that you’ve provided your service with or need the vendor’s TIN to properly file your 1099-MISC at the end of the tax year, the form itself is completely free to acquire from the IRS website.

You should always avoid any dodgy platforms or websites that offer services to give you a blank copy of the W-9 form for any amount. The form can be downloaded for free and printed from Futufan.

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Is W-9 Form Required Legally?

There are certain situations where it is mandated for the vendors to provide a W-9 Form for the work they’ve done. If the earnings of the vendor’s work exceed $600 for that calendar year, anybody who has hired a contractor can request the form. As a vendor, you must oblige and provide your TIN.

Since this form accounts for the legitimacy of the business of the vendor, it is a very important one for the IRS. If this document is not provided, the vendor will be subjected to a $50 fine for each instance it isn’t provided.

The Internal Revenue Service can even take this to court if the vendor doesn’t provide the W-9 Form often. Another thing that most vendors do is fill out multiple copies of it and keep it so that they won’t have to take their time to enter every bit of information. You can simply skip the date and your signature and do them right before you’re ready to submit.

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