IRS W-9 Forms 2020 Printable

Form W-9 is used to request Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification. If you hired a freelancer or contractor, you can request a W-9 form from the person to prepare their 1099-MISC form accurately. As a freelancer or contractor, you must submit this form when the person or the company you’ve worked for requests if the amount that they paid you exceeds $600.

Not Filing the W-9 Form

If the contractor or the vendor refuses to provide the W-9 Forms upon a Payee’s request, the contractor will be subjected to a $50 penalty for each failure.

A different case to this is paying a vendor without the W-9. IF the vendor refuses to provide you with their Taxpayer Identification Number, you must begin backup withholding of 28% of payments made to them until the TIN is provided with a Form W-9 without any missing information.

How to Get W-9 Form from the IRS

The Internal Revenue Service’s website offers a wide selection of forms and other paperwork in the form of a pdf file so that you can print and submit them to wherever you need. This way you can avoid any payments to a payment processor that can charge you with a processing fee.

As the forms are offered for free on the IRS website, we strongly recommend avoiding any dody websites and platforms that offer a blank copy of the W-9 Forms. Visit this article to get a free pdf copy of 6-pages long Form W-9 for 2020.

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