Printable W9 Form 2020

Form W-9 is a few of the most commonly used IRS forms. The form is used by taxpayers who are self-employed or working as a contractor. This form may be requested by a client so that they can prepare your 1099-MISC form and report the payments they make you at the end of the year. So inevitably, W9’s use is not only limited to the taxpayers who are self-employed.

To fill out the W9 Form, you will need your Taxpayer Identification Number, this is usually your Social Security Number but if you’re filing for the first time, check it before doing so that you would prevent any misleads on the form.

Free Download Printable W-9 Form 2020

Employer Identification Number or Taxpayer Identification Number

Once you print and start to fill out the W-9 Form, there are a couple of lines you need to be careful that are crucial for the IRS. If you’re self-employed and running your own business, you will need:

  • Employer Identification Number

Also, nonresident aliens who do not have an SSN must enter their taxpayer identification number that is assigned by the Internal Revenue Service for them.

Other information you need to complete the W-9 Form is similar to other IRS papers but since this form can be requested by a client to help them file their taxes, you may not want to miss out on anything. Aside from your tax numbers, you will have to

  • Write down your full name
    • If you’re operating a business under a separate name, you must enter your full name on the second line instead of the first.
  • Select your tax classification. This it is either Sole Proprietor/Individual or other appropriate classification which can be a partnership, estate, or corporate.

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