W-9 for Landlords

The requirement for filing a W-9 for a landlord isn’t required in all states. For example, in New York, landlords must put security deposits if the building where the tenants live has more than six units.

Therefore, landlords need your correct taxpayer identification number so they can complete their Form 1099 properly. For this reason, they are going to require you to file a W-9 so they can get the necessary information to prepare their taxes on interest bearing accounts.

Form W-9 only provides your taxpayer identification number and personal information such as name and address. So there is nothing to worry about your landlord asking for you to file a W-9. That’s of course if you’re living in a building with more than six units. If the place you are renting does not have six or more units, simply ask the reasoning for a W-9 request to your landlord.

When should you submit W-9 to the landlord?

After you applied to rent an apartment, your landlord should ask for your W-9 before you move in. But even if the landlord asks for it later on, there is nothing that you need to worry about. You can give your completed W-9 as soon as your landlord asks for it.

Since the Form W-9 will not contain any sensitive information, it is safe to complete it and give it to your employer. There are also other uses of a W-9 where it must be completed before a transaction, purchase, or rental takes place. To learn the other less common uses of W-9, visit our front page.

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