W9 Tax Form Printable

The reason why W-9 Form is asked to be printable is that it can be required by a client so that they can file their taxes on the purchases they made at your company. It is one of the few forms that work for more than a single tax division. However, before you get a printable copy of the W-9 Form, there are some things that should be aware of but you can download the printable W-9 Tax form 2020 here.

IRS Withholdings

The Internal Revenue Service sometimes requires the entity or the person requesting the W-9 form to withhold a percentage of their income and send them to the IRS to pay their income taxes (federal). This is known as back up withholding and whenever you are subjected to this, you must be notified under the law.

In this case, as an employee, you will want to inform the company you’re providing the W-9 that they must withhold taxes from the money that they pay you. Otherwise, both you and the company that you’ve provided the W-9 may be subjected to penalties.

  • Free Printable W-9 Tax Form 2020

What do I need to file a printable W-9 Form?

Similar to any other IRS tax form, you will need to identify yourself with your Individual Taxpayer Identification Number, this is mostly your Social Security Number but check it before you submit it to the IRS.

Then you must select the tax classification section that suits your business the most. Running a business? Select Individual/Sole Proprietor. If you’re operating a partnership, corporate, or estates, select the one that is most suitable for the business.

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